„Musik, die auszog, das Staunen zu lehren.” (Weltmusikzeitschrift Folker)

CDs & Sounds

Liquid Soul - Musik aus Luft und Wasser - CD by Liquid Soul

Liquid Soul
Water-infused sound

The Rainmakers
A rain shower during a dry spell

Sun Tour
Homesickness assuaged

Raga Blues
Night-time session under a fig tree

Liquid Soul VOL. 1

The featured instrument is the unique overtone well whistle.

Gert Anklam – overtone well whistle, saxophone a.o.
Beate Gatscha – overtone well whistle, foot percussion (tatkar)
guest: Nandkishor Muley – santur

Label: Raumer-Records
total playing time: 68 min

01  Liquid Soul
02  Tell me
03  His Masters Voice
04  Tenth
05  Tang
06  The Rain Maker
07  Sun Tour
08  Elephant Walz
09  Raga Blues
10  Feel The Changes

Liquid Soul - Tausend Kraniche - CD by Liquid Soul

Oriental Evening
soprano saxophon, hang drum, koto, udu drum

The Journey continues ...
soprano saxophone, voice, hang, cello, accordeon

Über dem Wasser
Wasserstichorgel, Perkussion

Tausend Kraniche für eine Hoffnung
Koto, Hangs, Baritonsaxophon

Liquid Soul
Tausend Kraniche

recorded at Christuskirche Berlin, May 2011
sound engineer: Knut Becker
Label: Harp

Gert Anklam – saxophone, sheng, overtone well whistle
Beate Gatscha – overtone well whistle, hang, vocal
Uli Moritz – percussion, hang
Karin Nakagawa – koto, vocal
guests: Cathrin Pfeifer – Akkordeon & Sonny Thet – Cello
total playing time: 62:57

01  Oriental Evening
02  Remembrance
03  Jikan wo noseta hune
04  Night Shadows
05  The Thaw
06  Flight Of Thought
07  The Journey Continues ...
08  Remembrance – not far from here
09  Over The Water
10  Art
11  A Thousand Cranes For One Hope
12  Daydream

Liquid Soul - Sudah mandi? - New CD by Liquid Soul

monsoon season

Fröhliche Unterhaltung
happy conversation

water games

Liquid Soul
Sudah mandi?

Music inspired by three study trips to Bali with:
Beate Gatscha – gender wayang, hang, voice, wasserstichorgel
Gert Anklam – gender wayang, saxophone, suling, wasserstichorgel
Ravi Srinivasan – tabla, percussion, voice
Saichu Yohansyah – giant gong

Label: Raumer Records
Duration: 58.07 min

01  monsoon season
02  cock dance
03  bhup bali
04  frog dance
05  eel bone
06  little water fall
07  The frog climbs up the tree
08  rice bird dance
09  happy conversation
10  always something
11  Sudah mandi? Already bathed today?
12  Sunda feeling
13  stormy waves
14  water games
15  hearing Bali